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Stage Bow at end of Built on Stilts ("BOS") 2010 performance                                                                        Drum Warm Up Circle (Sue, Tom & Janet in forefront)
From bottom left: Tom Carberry, Dorothy & Tom Newton, JanetHolladay, Rober Mitchell, Sergio Racigh, Esther Deming, Maria & Tad Lawcewicz (Kaitlin Dorr, Sue Fair & Jacob Adams were also there but did not fit in the photo.)                           
                                                                                                       Carol Carrick & Jack Burton  at St. Andrew's Parish Hall 1995
                                                                     Tom & Dorothy Newton BOS 2006                                                                                                                                                
                         BOS 2010 performance of "Guys & Dolls"
Christine & Tim; Sue & Jake; Maria & Tad; Esther; Jake & Sue
Jake& Sue, Christine & Tim                                                   Maria & Tad; Jake & Sue; Tom & Dorothy                              
                                Esther& Sergio                                         
The Yard 2008 back row center:Janet, dancer, Roger, Jay Airis, Harriet Bernstein, Maria (Tad taking photo)
 BOS 2007 Tom Carberry's "Swing Club": Tom & Janet on left; Roger & Christine on right; Maria & Tad in back
 Maria & Tad BOS 2009                            
           Dancing Feet at Fanny Blair Hall  2005    
BOS 2009 "Dueling Dancers": Marcia Rock & Peter Williams in center; in back from left to right: Christine & Tim; Esther & Sergio; Maria & Tad; Richard &         Sue; Tom & Dorothy
 BOS 2009 "Dueling Dancers" Tom Newton leads finale line dance  
BOS 2008    Maria & Tad, Tom & Dorothy,
Christine & Tim, Janet & Tom
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Yard Fall 2008 performance         
  Harriet Bernstein & Jay Airis                                                                                   Apres Performance Reception: Roger & Harriet                              
Roger & Janet leaving Yard Reception                          
Ted Box & Janet Holladay at 2010 Belly Dance & Revue, Catherine Cornell Theatre, Vineyard Haven
                                                                                                           Leslie & Myra Stark
Purity Springs Resort Dance weekend Sep 2010: 
Tom & Tad with Dorothy & Maria
Purity Springs Resort Dance weekend Sep 2009                                                                                                                                                           
Purity Springs Resort Dance weekend Sep 2008  
Christine McLean & "Barking Daisy" Band at Ag Fair Summer 2010  & at Christmas Party                          
                                                                                                       Christine practcing

  Marcia Rock & Peter Williams at Hector's Argentinian Tango Concert at Whaling Church, Edgartown 2010

2010 Belly Dance & Revue
 Esther Deming & Sergio Racig                                              Maria & Tad Lawcewicz
  Ester & Sergio  
Janet & Roger teaching Tango at West Tisbury Charter School with class teacher Victoria  Dreyfuss 





    CBD's 2009 Celebration of Dance Workshop with world class teachers Randy Deats & Kathy St.Jean 
Esther en route to workshop
 Esther, Jay, Katlin & Tom
Tom & Dorothy, Victoria, Maria & Esther
Tom & Dorothy at CCBD's 2010 Celebration of Dance Workshop    
Maria & Tad at worshop
Bob Beloff, 2009 visiting instructor with Edyta Sliwinska former dance pro of DWTS
Dancing with the Sailors in Edgartown
            Ballroom Dance sponsors fund raiser for YMCA with Johnny Hoy & Blowfish, May 2009
 Jack & Carol teaching Cha Cha, Nov 2010
                              Victoria, Tom, Kaitlyn, Jay and Janet swingin' at Fanny Blair  House, Nov 2010     
 Esther & Sergio 02/19/11
Sergio & Esther at Mad Love Party at PAC 2/11/11    
May 15 Special Ballroom MV Dance with Christine and Tashmoo Trio (Christine MacLean, Penny Huff & Chris Seidel)
Victoria & Craig  Lambert's Cove May 21, 2012   BEFORE    &    AFTER     (Photos by Peter)     
Hurricane Irene at Esther's Sunday 8/29     MARCIA & PETER showed us how to do the Argentine Tango
Builtt on Stilts 2011
    Built on Stilts 2011 for photo album see                                                                      
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