Esther Deming

Esther Deming has been dancing with the Ballroom group since 2006. She learned to dance as a child, picking up jitterbug from her older siblings and smooth ballroom from her parents. Although she is adept in all the various ballroom dances, Salsa is her favorite dance.  Her now husband, Sergio, taught it to her after they met in 2008. They started dancing together and became so good at it, that they gave Salsa demonstrations and lessons at Le Grenier Restaurant when they had a dance floor in 2009. Esther and Sergio also danced together in Built on Stilts productions: Ballroom Dance MV shows in 2009 and 2010, and Saskia's Salsa show in 2009. In September of 2009, Esther danced Argentine Tango on stage with NY dance instructor, Dwight at the production of Eternal Tango in Whaling Church.  She and Sergio choreographed and danced salsa in The Belly Dance & Revue at the Catherine Cornell Theatre in April 2010. Together with Jay Air is she danced a highly energetic to Viennese Waltz duet for Built on Stilts. With her husband, Sergio, the now married couple still enjoy dancing together and are out dancing at least twice a week, often stealing the show.