Janet Holladay

Janet is the leading lady of dance (any dance) on Martha's Vineyard.  Swing, Lindy Hop and Jive are her fortes, but she is proficient in any dance from Zumba to Tango to Salsa, and anything in between.  She joined the Ballroom Dance Group in its early years and helped make it a success.  Janet knows every dance that is taking place on the island, and is usually there.  She has appeared in countless dance demonstrations and shows on the island, from Town days to The Yard to Built on Stilts.  Together with Tom Carberry, she has danced in and choreographed performances for Built on Stilts; "Strict Tempo" in 2005;  "Swing Club" in 2007; and "Promenade" in 2008. In 2014, she and Tom Carberry performed a duet for Built on Stilts. Aside from the performances where she was choreographer, she danced in every Built on Stilts performance every year, and in more than one piece. In addition to the last two years Ballroom Dance MV performances , she danced in Saskia's Salsa show last year, and did a Lindy Hop duo with Tom Carberry this year. Together with Ted Box, she did a Swing performance at the Belly Dance & Revue at the Catherine Cornell Theatre in Vineyard Haven in April 2010.  On Sunday mornings, Janet is a minister at the Unitarian church in Vineyard Haven.  When the evening comes, she opens up the dance hall and welcomes new comers and old timers alike.  In addition to teaching dance steps, she organizes teachers for every Sunday and keeps the community apprised of what's going on in dancing.