Tom & Dorothy Newton

Tom Newton, and his wife Dorothy are members of USA Dance, Inc. and are our primary teachers during their summer residence on the island. They joined the Ballroom Dance group in the Spring of 1996, and were active in promoting the dance lessons and finding a dance venue.They are continually sharpening their dancing and teaching skills, by attending workshops, dance weekends and dances. Tom & Dorothy have choreographed and appeared as a solo dance couple, as well as part of a group, in past Built on Stilts performances.  Tom was co-choreographer with Janet Holladay and Tom Carberry in the 2008 piece "Promenade."  He was Dance Director and Line Dance Leader in the 2009, 2010, and 2013 pieces: "Dueling Dancers" and "Guys and Dolls.", and "West Chop Story." In the 2014 "name that Dance. Dance that Tune", he danced and was master of Ceremonies. Tom and Dorothy taught Swing to Victoria Dreyfuss' class at the West Tisbury Charter School. During the winter, they are active in the Port St. Lucie Chapter of Dance USA, Inc. Our beloved Dorothy passed away in January 2017.